THREE - Front Wheel

$1,699.00 USD

The Black Inc THREE is as close to a front disc while still being able to turn. The reduction in rotating spokes directly reduces the large surface area of the tri-spoke wheel, creating the sail effect and decreasing drag.


The Black Inc THREE is an innovative tri-spoke wheel that offers maximum aerodynamic advantage for time trials and triathlons. Though available in a front and rear configuration, each wheel is sold separately, making the THREE a perfect front wheel option to pair with the Black Inc ZERO for the ultimate TT and Tri setup.

Just one look at the THREE and it’s clear that optimising aerodynamics played a key role in the development of the wheel. The use of the three broad bladed carbon spokes creates a sail effect at off-centre yaw angles that decreases drag, and at certain angles even works to propel the wheel and rider. The one-piece wheel structure has been developed using CFD software for enhanced performance compared to a standard spoke wheel that can begin to stall when faced with blustery wind situations, like those frequently found at Ironman in Kona.

The carbon layup is dedicated to guarantee lateral stiffness that is essential to the race-winning hopes of any competitor while providing a unique level of comfort and stability that encourages a rider to push to the absolute limits. This is a wheel that has been designed for our sponsored pros to tackle the toughest WorldTour time trials and will help any ambitious triathlon competitor to find the extra seconds to shoot up the leaderboard.

There is no question that anyone thinking about buying a Black Inc THREE is very serious about their racing goals. That’s why we have taken particular care to make the THREE not only fast, but lightweight to ride and practical to maintain.



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