This document covers all warranty, liability, service and crash replacements related to all Black Inc products which includes any product with the Black Inc brand mark and word mark registered as part of the Factor Holding’s Limited group and sold directly from Black Inc to its affiliated distributors, dealers, aftermarket customers and OEM customers.

Product Life

All bicycle products have a limited product service life which is determined by usage rate, rider and system weight, correct assembly, materials, processes, impact damages, product design and environmental conditions. All these variables contribute to the service life of the product. Black Inc recommends bicycles with Black Inc products be examined regularly by a qualified bicycle mechanic at a Black Inc Dealer for early signs of product fatigue. These checks should include:
  • Regular visual checks for cracks
  • Deformations
  • Paint chips
  • Surface irregularities
  • Any sign of irregular product wear
  • Signs of wear on both carbon and alloy parts

Should the product show any signs of the above issues, stop using the product immediately. Failure to do so could lead to personal injury and/or death.

Weight Limit

All Black Inc products are suitable for a maximum rider plus bike weight of 100kg (220lbs). If the rider plus bike weight exceeds this value through professional assistance is required to assure safe operation.

Intended Usage

All Black Inc products are designed for their intended purpose as specified in their product descriptions and specifications. If products are used in any manner other than its original intended use, this could lead to personal injury and/or death. In addition, this would void the Black Inc warranty immediately.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

At Black Inc, we provide a limited two-year warranty for original owners of the product beginning from the date of purchase from an authorized Black Inc Dealer. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects and craftsmanship for the duration of this period.

To qualify for this two-year warranty, the original owner must register their product within 21 days of purchase from an authorized Black Inc dealer via the product registration web page at The original proof of purchase must be supplied to confirm the original owner of the Black Inc product.

When a product is confirmed defective and still within the warranty coverage period, it will be replaced and/or repaired at the sole discretion of Black Inc, at no charge. In the event of a replacement, if the original product is not available, then at Black Inc’s discretion, it will be replaced with a product of equivalent or similar value. Areas not covered by this warranty;

  1. If proof of purchase is not presented. Proof of purchase can be a printed or electronic receipt.
  2. Product is used in a manner other than its original intended use.
  3. Products not purchased from an authorized Black Inc dealer.
  4. Products with no Serial Numbers nor any other serial number(s) on the product to confirm the authenticity of the product.
  5. Regular wear and tear. Fatigue life beyond the coverage period.
  6. Damage caused by transportation or mishandling of the product including but not limited to; shipping, crashes, incorrect installation, lack of regular service, corrosion, accidents, aggressive cleaning liquid agents, lubricants not suitable for Black Inc products, faulty repair and anything that does not constitute material and workmanship defects.
  7. Products beyond the two-year coverage period.
  8. Second hand products.
  9. Labor and freight costs incurred in the service and replacement of the product.
  10. Damage caused by using incompatible parts and accessories.
  11. Products used in non-recreational situations.
  12. Any form of custom modification of the original product(s).
  13. Accessories such as but not limited to water bottle cage, bar tape, etc.,

Black Inc reserves the right to modify this warranty at any given time.

Liability Limitations

Black Inc will not be liable for any product damages beyond the scope allowed for local laws and regulations. This warranty is only valid for the original owner, is not transferable and only covers to the limit of either repairing or replacing a product which is considered defective at the sole discretion of Black Inc. Original owners have legal rights as defined in this policy and you may have other legal rights granted by the local consumer laws of the state, province and/or country of where the product was originally sold.

If this warranty does not provide the basic rights of the domestic territory, then it shall be modified in accordance with local regulations and laws. The warranty set out on this page is the only warranty offered for the product and is only offered to the original customer. When a product is replaced and/or repaired at no charge as part of the original warranty coverage, the warranty period is not renewed or extended. The replaced or repaired product is only covered within the time frame of the original purchased item’s warranty. In addition, the original product returned to Black Inc, becomes the property of Black Inc should it be replaced at Black Inc’s discretion. Counterfeit products are not covered under our warranty policy.

Claim Procedure

Any warranty claims must be processed through an authorized Black Inc dealer that sells the product or through the dealer that sold the complete bicycle where they were ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER (OEM) products. Black Inc and its affiliated service centers will not accept any claims from end customers that did not purchase their product(s) from the original sellers of the product. Original proof of purchase is vital as it authenticates the original ownership of the product. All products returned and shipped either to Black Inc or its affiliated Service Centers must be cleaned and packaged properly unless otherwise specified. Labor and freight costs incurred in the service and replacement of the product are at the cost of the owner. Unless requested by Black Inc or its Service Center, all returned wheels must have the tires, quick releases and cassettes uninstalled prior to packaging for shipment.

If the abovementioned items are included in the returned shipment, then an additional labor charge may be incurred. Only original Black Inc CARBON brake pads can be used for rim-brake wheels. Using any third-party carbon or alloy brake pad could damage your Black Inc rim and effectively null your warranty. End Customers who are making their claim through an authorized Black Inc Dealer must provide:

  • Original Proof of Purchase such as a receipt or electronic receipt. (Must be the same information as shown on the Product Registration Database.)
  • Customer’s Contact details. (Must be the same information as shown on the Product Registration Database.)
  • Detailed description of the issue or problem experienced.
Additional Information for Claim Procedure:
  • List of products used in conjunction with the defective product.

Crash Replacement

Black Inc offers a “Crash Replacement” program to original owners of Black Inc products who register their products on the Black Inc website within 21 days of their purchase. As situations differ depending on the damaged item, please contact either Black Inc or an authorized Dealer should your product be damaged from a crash.