The information on this page is meant to clarify the importance of proper tire pressure for tubeless tire assemblies with Black Inc wheels.

All Black Inc wheels have been designed from the inside out where each part of the system has been considered with the goal of creating the fastest racing wheel possible.   As important as the design of the hubs, spokes, and rims, choosing the proper tire pressure for your tubeless tires is essential for fast and safe rim/tire interface.

The recommended tire pressure information available on this page is meant as a guideline and starting point for your Black Inc wheels. After inflating to the recommended tire pressure value, it will likely be necessary to adjust the tire pressure to suit the user’s riding style, as well as the preferred level of comfort, grip and speed. Ultimately the user must decide which is the best pressure to use while respecting the wheel’s and tire’s maximum tire rating.

Black Inc Wheel Maximum Recommended Tire Pressure

  • Road Racing / Specialty Wheels: 120psi (8.27bar)
  • All-Road: 110psi (7.58bar)

Tyre pressures above are shown in PSI or Bar

  1. Above tire pressure values are only recommendations that should be adjusted accordingly based on rider weight, preference and intended usage with a tubeless clincher tire.
  2. For optimal performance, it might be necessary to adjust the tire pressure by incremental pressures of +/- 5 psi.
  3. The recommended tire pressures above are for paved road usage only. For light off-road use such as gravel, please adjust tire pressure accordingly based on riding style and intended usage.
  4. For tubeless setups always follow the original tire manufacturer's installation instructions to ensure a tight and secure fit between tire and rim. Always use original tubeless parts during installation.
  • With the advent of wider rim designs and with the selection of wider (23mm>) tires, it is possible to run lower tire pressure and have an overall improved ride quality since there is more volume with wider tires. The amount of grip also increases thanks to the larger tire used.

  • For tubeless tire setups, please only use the original tubeless parts supplied as they are the only parts that have been verified for proper tire pressure retention.

Tubeless parts: Tubeless valves, tubeless rim tape, and compatible sealant for tire used. 

  • Always check for adequate tire pressure before every bike ride. If the inflated tire pressure cannot be maintained for more than 24 hours, then it’s recommended to check all of the connecting tubeless parts for possible air leakage and/or damage.

  • If you are not sure about how to setup your set of Black Inc wheels with tubeless clincher tires, then please visit the nearest Black Inc Dealer and have the wheels setup by a professional mechanic.