$300.00 USD

The Black Inc Seat Post has a body made up entirely of carbon fiber, with a 1-bolt saddle clamp design and smooth construction.


Providing both exceptional power transfer thanks to its strength and a high degree of comfort on account of its vertical compliance, the Black Inc Seatpost enhances the efficiency and enjoyment of every ride.

Made from carbon fiber and sporting a unidirectional matte and glossy finish, our seatpost certainly has the appearance to amplify the good looks of any bicycle. But more to the point, its clever, minimalist design increases the utility of the post. The one-bolt saddle clamp design makes putting on and adjusting the saddle a much less fiddly affair. And the saddle clamp bore is moulded to allow tight tolerances for a secure and safe clamping. The clamps are available for 7x7 metal and 7x9 carbon rail saddles.

The traditional 27.2mm diameter means that the seatpost can accommodate most frames with round seat tubes. The 27.2mm diameter combined with the special carbon layup of the post provides a special, almost imperceptible springiness, reducing the vibrations that reverberate up the post. We’ve designed the seatpost to be able to store the Di2 battery inside, for the easiest setup and cleanest look.

The Black Inc Seatpost is available in a 0mm and 25mm offset and weighs 195g in the 25mm offset version. This seatpost offers exceptional performance for road and gravel riding and enhances any bike with its understated good looks and clever design features.


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