Drawstring Bag

$15.00 USD

Carry all your stuff when you are commuting or on a hike in the easy to use Black Inc Drawstring Bag. Holds enough for a day trip and can double as an office bag when you head to work. Its durability is equaled by its classic styling.

When you want to carry more than what fits in your pockets, but you don’t want to be weighted down with a big backpack, the Black Inc Drawstring Bag offers a practical way to get around town or hike in the hills with all the kit you need at your fingertips.

Made from a durable material that can withstand the rigors of daily use, this Black Inc Drawstring Bag holds enough for a day trip, feels comfortable on the shoulders, and is a stylish way to announce your dedication to BlackInc. Extremely practical with a classy look, it offers the ideal mix of simple design and efficient performance.

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