48 | 58

$2,899.00 USD

With a focus on outstanding aerodynamic performance, the Black Inc 48|58 Wheelset uses differentiated depths of 48mm front and 58mm rear to ensure stability in high wind conditions at all yaw angles. The mini-bead hook rim width is optimized for modern 28mm tubeless or clincher tires, facilitating a wide range of tire choice.


Developed to complement the efficient aerodynamics of the Factor OSTRO VAM, the Black Inc 48|58 wheelset rim design revolves around a shallower 48mm rim section for the front and deeper 58mm rim section for the rear wheel to boost stability in blustery riding conditions. 

 The 23mm internal rim width combined with the mini-bead hook rim has been optimized for 28mm tubeless and clincher tires. The rims are laced to the high-flange hubs with lightweight and durable carbon fiber spokes to ensure that the Black Inc 48|58 is an incredibly strong and immensely lightweight set of wheels.



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