28 | 33

$2,899.00 USD

Developed using nano-loaded epoxy resin with high modulus carbon fiber, the Black Inc 28|33 wheelset is handcrafted to provide the ultimate performance regardless of terrain. The bead hook rim width is optimized for modern 28mm tubeless tires while the dual profiles pair low weight with best-in-class aerodynamics.


Offering an aero performance that belies its lightweight, the Black Inc 28|33 wheelset has been designed to be the perfect pair of racing wheels for all types of topographies. Lightweight enough to climb with ease, aero enough to slice through the wind at a wide range of yaw angles, and durable enough to handle rough roads as well as smooth tarmac, these wheels complement all styles of road riding.

The 28|33 rate among the lightest tubeless ready wheels to feature a bead hook design. Black Inc engineers have achieved this by using a nano-loaded epoxy resin with high modulus carbon fiber to reduce weight while ensuring rigidity. An offset spoke bed balances the spoke tension to increase wheel strength. The deeper rear profile paired with the slightly shallower front wheel optimizes aero performance as well as crosswind stability.

Designed specifically for modern tubeless 28mm tires, the Black Inc 28|33 wheelset match high performance with reliability.



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