Barstem Computer Mount with Light/GoPro Mount


The Black Inc Computer Mount integrates seamlessly with the Black Inc’s integrated Barstem combo. Compatible with both Wahoo and Garmin computers, this mount is ideal for the larger computer sizes and it also opens up the possibility to accessorize your ride with a bottom-mount light or camera.


The Black Inc Computer Mount is specifically designed to work with Black Inc's integrated Barstem. Since one of the main highlights of the Barstem is how aerodynamically efficient it is, the Computer Mount’s shape has also been conceived with an emphasis on aerodynamics and efficiency.

Compatible with Garmin as well as Wahoo computers thanks to the included Wahoo adapter, this mount works equally well with larger computers as well as the smaller options. Securely fastened to the Barstem, the Computer Mount comes with an optional bottom-mount light or camera attachment piece which allows the rider to accessorize either a high-powered light for night cycling, or a camera to film rides. Please keep in mind though that the recommended weight limit for the combined system of computer/light or camera should be no greater than 300g.

Offering an excellent compact, streamlined option for anyone who appreciates the clean lines of an aero cockpit, the Black Inc Computer Mount seamlessly attaches to the Barstem for a very effective, pro quality setup. This item is included with all online orders of the Integrated Barstem made on the Black Inc website.

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