Using the best materials, craftsmanship and passionate engineering, we strive to create the highest level of wheels and components for the discerning cyclist.


Black Inc products are engineered to perform at the highest level. Our product line only has one level: the highest.

This is only possible thanks to our in-house team of designers and engineers. To produce the best quality wheels and components, our engineers have the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Rapid Prototyping software at their disposal.

Proven in the WorldTour

We believe product testing doesn’t end in the factory under controlled conditions. Real-life and hard work cannot be imitated. Working with world-class athletes allows us to not only prove our products in the factory.

Black Inc are a proud partner of Israel Start-Up Nation, supplying the team with wheels and components to compete at the highest level of the sport.


Owning our manufacturing facilities lets us have more control over our end products. Along with having the best carbon layup technicians on the ground, we can ensure the continuous and consistent quality of our products according to our strict molding and testing protocols.

This also allows Black Inc to produce iterations of our models faster during product development, resulting in higher quality products with shorter development cycles.


At the heart of every Black Inc wheel are CeramicSpeed’s premium quality ceramic bearings.

Unlike other wheel brands that offer “upgrades” and switch their stock bearings for ceramic ones, on all of our Black Inc + CeramicSpeed hubs these are standard. We design our hubs from the ground up so to match the high tolerances of CeramicSpeed’s handmade bearings.


Straight out of our manufacturing facility, the in-house test lab is the first stop for all Black Inc products. Having our own testing facility lets us have a quick turn-around of results during product development, and the ability to try different iterations of carbon layups and shapes until we achieve our goals. For production, it ensures that quality remains consistent over the lifetime of every product and under our own control, not relying on third-party testing.

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