$2,399.00 USD

The Black Inc TWENTY is our ultralight climbing wheel, crafted from a blend of ultra high-strength carbon fiber to give you the stiffness required to conquer any mountain climb and the control to descend with confidence.


The Black Inc TWENTY represent the ultimate lightweight climbing wheels that are equally impressive when sprinting thanks to the fact they are also incredibly stiff. Their low weight and shallow profile belie how responsive they are when withstanding acceleration forces. They inspire confidence on all road terrains, from railing descents to attacking climbs.

Crafted from a blend of ultra-high strength carbon fiber, the TWENTYs have been developed to enhance every rider’s racing and training as well as excel in UCI WorldTour events under our sponsored riders. This level of versatility is possible thanks to the fact that the TWENTYs come in a clincher/tubeless ready rim design with a disc brake only option. This makes the wheels not only high performing but practical as well. The internal clincher rim shape has been optimised to ensure the most secure tire bead bedding possible for both tubeless and standard tube and tire assemblies.

The carbon layup for each rim has been optimised to maximize the strength to weight ratio. Since the TWENTY are disc brake only, the rim has not been burdened by having to accommodate a traditional brake track on the rim. Reducing the required material at the outer edges of the wheel helps to reduce rotational weight, making the TWENTYs even faster as well as lighter. This lightweight responsiveness will be even more apparent in the tubular option with disc brakes.

The internal rim width of 21mm and external 28mm width has been designed to work optimally with 700c, 25mm and 28mm tires. The smooth transition at the tire/rim interface enhances the aerodynamics of the wheels, though these wheels are primarily focused on keeping the weight low. Nevertheless, every little aero gain makes a difference after hours on the road.

The TWENTY wheelset features a revised hub construction with low-friction CeramicSpeed bearings and an updated freehub body engagement system. This advanced design allows the wheels to feel like they will spin forever, while the engagement when starting from a standstill at a stop light, or attacking from the front of the pack will ensure no loss of power or momentum. The straight-pull disc hubset works easily with the CX-SPRINT and CX- RAY Aero Butted straight pull spokes.

The Black Inc TWENTY offers uncompromising performance especially for racing and training days that focus on extensive altitude gain.



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