Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team

PushingDreams: our story, our DNA, our philosophy.

Dreams are beautiful; everyone has them. A goal you want to achieve, the steps you want to take, a competition you want to win or to become the best in your discipline. Some examples of dreams. PushingDreams stands for our organization that is set up to realize dreams. To realize dreams, a huge number of aspects are important and each puzzle piece will contribute to that ultimate result.

PushingDreams is a platform with individual, diverse, and shared dreams. The platform is more than a result-oriented cycling team. In a safe and professional environment, development is central to the entire organization, both sporting and socially.

Cooperation, trust and honesty are the core values ​​within the PushingDreams community.

Created by melanie phillips | 24 05 2017 | Sponsored Teams